Honey, did you walk the dog tonight?

accuwalker_11Do you share dog-walking responsibilities with someone else in your household or with a hired dog walker?  How do you know the chore got done?  Too Cool Pets has come up with a product named the Accuwalker to help you monitor how much time your dog has spent at the end of his leash.

Here’s how it works:  simply hang your leash on the hook attached to the clock / monitor.  When the leash is removed from the hook, the unit starts its timer.  When the leash is put back, the timer stops and shows the amount of time the leash was used on a large LCD screen.

The unit holds information on the last 40 walks, and you can record a 20-second memo for any last-minute instructions.  The unit retails for $24.95, plus shipping and handling.

Seems like a really good idea.  The only drawback I can see is that it doesn’t really register the walk, just the amount of time the leash was off the hook.  Assuming you are working with responsible people, this would be a good indicator.  However, my suspicious little mind suspects my kids would take the leash off of the hook, set it on the floor for awhile, then hang it back up.  And I would never know any different!

What do you think?  Would this work at your house?  Has anyone bought one yet?  How did it work?  Did you have a good experience with the company?

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Good day, and good dog!

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2 thoughts on “Honey, did you walk the dog tonight?”

  1. I purchased an Accuwalker from a local pet store and couldn’t be happier. I personally grew tired of asking “When was the last time the dog was out?”. The Accuwalker has greatly improved an inefficient household with many walkers, including children. While there is no one to stop someone just taking the leash off the hook an placing it back on several minutes later to simulate a walk, sooner or later (as what happened with one of my kids), a present was left for me by the front door or the dog was scratching at the door for me ten minutes after their last supposed walk. Again, while there are ways to “fool” this tool, there’s no way to fool the pet. It is a worthwhile purchase for a family with a pet.

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