What does your dog do while you’re at work?

Do you ever sit at work and wonder what your dog is doing? I always assume mine are sleeping, but I guess I don’t really know. Now, there are a few products you might invest in as a Christmas present for yourself and your dog that will let you be a fly on the wall.

The first two are from Petcube. Petcube Play, which retails for $199, lets you see, talk to your pet, and play “chase the laser” from your phone. The other, Petcube Bites, has the same core camera features as Petcube Play, but instead of the laser toy, it flings treats. Petcube Bites retails at $249.

A newer entry into the market is the Furbo product. The basic Furbo product is similar to the Petcube Bites and carries the same price tag of $249. However, the upgraded version uses artificial intelligence to alert you when your dog is showing stress through barking or pacing. The camera will send you a selfie of your dog whenever he or she is facing the camera, and the shutter automatically clicks when it encounters a human face so you will know if someone enters your home. You can even hook it up with your Alexa to have the Furbo shoot out treats on a set schedule.

All four of these models allow you to converse with your dog from your mobile device.

I hear Santa is loading up on these this year, so make sure you get yours now!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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