Don’t worry – he won’t bite!

OK, I admit it, I have a vested interest in this one.  I work at a midwestern power company during the day and blog by night. 

Our single biggest source of injury is dog bites.  And of course, all the owners tell us, “don’t worry – he won’t bite!”  Have you ever said that about your dog?  Are you sure he won’t? 

It’s not only the big, scary dogs that bite.  Our employees have often been bitten by little ankle-biters, as well.

Not sure what it is about meter readers and mail carriers that makes them look like Milk Bones, but they both get bitten very often.  At my company, we equip all of our field people with umbrella-like devices called Bite Terminators.  Opening the Terminator in a charging dog’s face usually intimidates the dog into retreating.  If not, the umbrella gives him something to chew on while the meter reader gets back to his truck.  It has cut our dog bites by more than 50%.

So, as a utility customer and mail recipient, what can you do to prevent someone from getting hurt?  Pay attention to what time your mail is delivered each day and keep your dog inside during that timeframe.  Ask your utility companies to send you a reading schedule so you can keep the dog inside on your scheduled meter reading day. 

Check your fences to make sure your dog cannot get out.  If your meter is inside the fence, make sure the utility knows you have a dog.  Never try to “hold” your dog when there is a stranger on the property.  Dogs are too strong and can wiggle free.

These folks are just trying to do their jobs.  I have seen serious injuries result from dog bites, even broken bones from the crushing pressure of a dog’s jaws.  In addition, many of our employees are injured when they trip and fall while trying to get away from a dog.

Do you really need the headache associated with quarantining your dog, dealing with the dog warden, paying possible fines, or lawsuits?  It’s just not worth it!  Do your part to keep people who have to come on your property safe from dog bites!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog! 

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2 thoughts on “Don’t worry – he won’t bite!”

  1. My best answer to the “does your dog bite?” question is, “He hasn’t bit anyone yet.”

  2. I’ve had run-ins with pit bulls and rotties, but the only dog that ever bit me was a teeny lost Chihuahua that I tried to pick up to take home.

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