LeashPod: The Must-Have Dog Accessory

I was given a sample LeashPod to try out this week, and I have to say I was impressed with the design and functionality. The LeashPod is an all-in-one doggie clean-up unit, comprised of a poop bag dispenser, a receptacle in which to carry the full bag, and small pockets on the side which could carry dog treats, a cell phone, or even a bottle of hand sanitizer to use after you clean up a mess.

The unit comes in black, pink, or leopard, to match many dog outfits, and has a carabiner clip to allow you to attach it to the dog’s leash. Their promotional material states:
About half of all dog owners admit to not picking up after their pup. Reasons include laziness, being in a rush, and above all that it is disgusting to carry around.

The LeashPod, as seen on The Today Show as one of Kathy Lee Gifford’s favorite things, is a comfortable hand held pull and tear bag dispenser that even has a scented storage bin for a more pleasant way to carry dog waste bags until dog walkers find a garbage bin.

Other features include:
· Steel snap hook (Can attach more than one leash)
· Two water resistant pockets to store dog treats, phone, money, etc.
· Disposable Deodorizers
· Disposable Bags

LeashPod, for the first time, is available in the North American Market at www.leashpodusa.com and is available in two sizes, small (retails for $34.95) and large (retails for $39.95).

LeashPod offers multiple wrap designs each retailing for $14.95.

I liked the wide handle grip which fit very comfortably in my hand. My Vizsla’s leash is very thick, and just barely fit inside the carabiner. I’d imagine a wide leather leash might have the same problem; however, my Beagle’s more conventional web leash was just perfect.

My only complaint / suggestion is that the poop bag was very small. I couldn’t tie a knot in the end after using it. Fortunately, I was at the dog park and able to dispose of it right away, so I didn’t use the compartment meant to hold the waste. I’m not sure I would want to put an un-tied bag in there.

Overall, it is a very handy tool for dog walkers, and I’m sure I’ll use mine when I take my dogs out. Thanks to the folks at LeashPod for allowing me to sample and review their product!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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