New Breeds in the AKC Stud Book

Did you catch the six new breeds shown at the National Dog Show last week?  They’re all beautiful, but I have to say the Redbone Coonhound is my favorite.  In case you missed them, the six new breeds are listed below.

Accepted for registrations as of June 1st:

Leonberger, a member of the Working Group

Cane Corso, also a Working dog

Icelandic Sheepdog, a Herding Dog

The above three dogs can be seen in action on Fox and Friends.

Accepted for registrations as of December 30, 2009:

Blue Tick Coonhound, a hound through and through

Redbone Coonhound, another member of the Hound Group

Boykin Spaniel, a member of the Sporting Group, and the official state dog of South Carolina.

The AKC is up to 167 breeds now, after starting with just 9 breeds in 1884.

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Good day, and good dog!

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