Just a wee bit of common sense in the heat, please!

Just came home from my son’s baseball tournament, and I was appalled at the number of people who brought their dogs.  It’s 88 degrees outside with a heat index of 99.  We were trying to keep the kids under umbrellas when they were off the field, and pumping them with water at every chance.

I have a question for those of you who brought your precious pooches:  Does your dog enjoy baseball THAT much that he or she had to come to the tourney?  There is no flipping way I would subject my dogs to that kind of heat for no real reason.  Unbelievable!

(OK.  I’ll get off my soapbox now.)

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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2 thoughts on “Just a wee bit of common sense in the heat, please!”

  1. Talking about common sense about heat, I have to admit that my little Shih Tzu possesses more of it than I do.

    I personally tolerate heat weather much more than the cold and so when it comes to taking my dog out for a walk, I forget to consider the fact that a) his paws will be coming in direct contact with the very hot pavement and b) his luxurious long hair is probably equivalent to my wearing a fur coat, although I never will.

    So, as soon as I open the front door and gets a whiff of the heat, he runs off to the other end of the house. Only then do I realize what he must be thinking: “Mom, have you entirely lost your common sense.”

    “Yes, I must have.” I respond out load and give this very hot day another 2 or 3 hours to cool off.

  2. Same thing goes for bringing dogs along in the car somewhere in this heat.
    A week or so ago,someone had a CAT in their car at our local Farmers Mkt. Seriously do they really think the cat wanted to go with them in the car??? Needless to say,I left a note on their car warning them of the dangers of animals in a warm/hot car. It was pawing at the windows. I don’t think it was at the point of being dangerous and they probably weren’t at the mkt. long.

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