2012 Iditarod Standings as of 9:52 AM on 3/13/12

They’re having a heat wave in Alaska today. It’s all the way up to minus two degrees in Koyuk.

Race leaders Dallas Seavey and Alliy Zirkle have left White Mountain after completing their final required 8-hour rest period. The remainder of the top five are in at White Mountain: Ramey Smyth arrived at 2:17 am, Aaron Burmeister at 3:50 am, and Peter Kaiser at 6:55 am, so apparently all have chosen this rest stop as their 8-hour layover.

Defending champion John Baker has fallen to 8th place, and is currently in at White Mountain. Four-time champ Lance Mackey is running 23rd, in at Shaktoolik.

Some of the racers have begun using a tactic more often seen in the Yukon Quest: taking short breaks along the trail, rather than at specified checkpoints, to feed, water, and rest their dogs. The required rest breaks (one lasting 24 hours and two lasting 8 hours) must be taken at the checkpoints, but the mushers are allowed to stop anywhere along the trail they want to.

Bringing up the tail of this year’s race are Michael Suprenant, Kirk Barnum, and Dan Seavey, all of whom are in at Kaltag; Dan Seavey, who has checked in at Nulato; and Jan Steves and Bob Chlupach, who have left Galena.

I’ll try to check back this evening and see what’s up. If you need up-to-the-minute results, check out the official Iditarod website.

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