6 thoughts on “Fiona: Dog Rescued from Trash Pile (Video)”

  1. Bless her little heart. I cried like a baby. Can’t for the life of me understand how someone could be so cruel!

  2. As Marlene wrote,hard to understand why someone would do this. It also shows how forgiving dogs are. That baby just wanted someone to love her. I just wanted to hug her! Would love to see followup video!

  3. Humans know that look when one is feeling miserable and wretched . . . .like the downtrodden homeless.
    So why do some people rid themselves of their pets like disposable trash? Too heartless and indifferent to take them to some animal shelter?

  4. I cried by head off!! What a heart-warming story….the poor little thing!! That was a wonderful wonderful story especially for all of you fabulous people who find these poor animals that soooo need our help. One of the best reasons in the world to give to shelters, rescues and adoptions.

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