Tuesday Top Ten: Spring Safety Tips for Your Dog

Although some places are getting a smattering of snow today, my tulips are blooming so I’m saying spring has sprung. Here’s our annual reminder of ways to keep your dog safe as the weather gets warmer and your family begins spending more time outdoors.

10. When you tune up your car for the summer be sure to clean up anything you spill on the driveway, especially antifreeze, which is toxic but smells and tastes sweet to your dog.

9. When you begin planning your summer vacation, don’t forget to make plans for your dog, too. Will you put him in a kennel? At grandma’s? Or will he come with you?

8. Plan your walks this spring and summer to avoid hot blacktop, which may hurt your dog’s feet.

7. When you fertilize your yard, make sure you keep your dog out of it for a day or so afterwards.

6. Plan your garden patch away from where your dog hangs out. Not only will he trample your veggies, some of the things you grow (both flowers and veggies / herbs) may be toxic to him.

5. Spreading mulch? Remember that some kinds of mulch – particularly the cocoa variety – is poisonous to dogs.

4. Plan on a trip to the vet’s office for a check-up. While you’re there, get a heartworm test if you don’t give preventative year-round, and make sure your dog is up-to-date on all of her shots.

3. Inspect your dog’s ID tags and replace them if they’re no longer legible. If you’ve changed your phone number or moved, don’t forget to include the new information. Also, it’s a good idea to include your cell phone number on the tag so a Good Samaritan can reach you while you’re out of the house looking for the dog. Last, but not least, if your dog has a medical condition, you might want to say so on the tag.

2. Inspect collars and leashes, replacing any that aren’t in ship-shape condition.

1. Inspect and repair your fence to keep your dog safely at home. If you have an underground fence, walk the fenceline carrying your dog’s collar and make sure you can hear it firing the whole way around the yard.

Happy Spring!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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  1. These are nice tips that allow home owners to make sure that loving pets are safe when they play outdoors especially this Spring season. The general welfare of dogs should be considered in order for them to have a wonderful life ahead of them.

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