National Adoption Weekend at PetSmart

Have you been looking for a new member of your family? All PetSmart stores in North America are holding a special adoption event this weekend, hoping to find forever homes for at least 1,000 pets.

Remember the dates are November 2 – 4, 2012. Contact your local PetSmart store to find out the exact hours when rescues and shelters will be there.

The National Adoption Weekend is proudly sponsored by PetSmart®, Purina® Pro Plan®, Tidy Cats® (U.S. only) and Purina® Maxx® Scoop (Canada only).

National Adoption Weekends are made possible through donations. Just $25 saves the life of a healthy, adoptable pet and funds programs focused on giving these pets a second chance. Donations can be made online, by email to [email protected] or by calling 623-587-2826.

If you do find your new family member, be sure to send us a picture!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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2 thoughts on “National Adoption Weekend at PetSmart”

  1. Please! I want to adopt the above pet together with a brother or sister.
    we are a dog lover family who keep them inside and they sleep in our beds. I have to granddaughters of age and want to give them the couple of puppies as soon as I can.

    Can you help me? Tel: 786-321-1674

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