Navy SEAL Dogs

It seems like this clip from ABC News got kind of cut off in the middle – it’s very short, but Mother Nature Network provided some more details about these amazing dogs.

The dogs used by the Navy SEAL program (as well as by other military units) can cost as much as $50,000 due to the intense training they receive. To protect that investment, the dogs are outfitted in the latest protective gear, including waterproof body armor customized to suit the dog’s line of work.

Because the dogs’ mouths get a workout, biting all the bad guys, they can sometimes experience broken teeth. But there’s no running to the vet with the broken piece stuck in a glass of milk. Not for these dogs. They actually get titanium implants at a cost of up to $2,000 per tooth!

To assure accurate communications, the dogs are often outfitted with infrared cameras to show their soldiers what they’re seeing and ear buds to allow the soldiers to give them commands remotely.

It is worth the expense? If a dog can save even one soldier’s life, I vote yes. What about you?

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