Calling all fans of Dennis Lehane

From Dennis Lehane's Facebook page
Did you like “Mystic River” and “Gone Baby, Gone”? Dennis Lehane, the best-selling author of these two books is working on his next masterpiece, and through a strange set of circumstances, you might just be a character in the new book.

It seems his rescue Beagle, Tessa, escaped from the family’s yard in Brookline, Massachusetts when the gate didn’t latch all the way shut. The 4-year old tri-color went missing on Christmas Eve, and is likely living in someone’s house in the Brookline or Boston area. The dog does not have an ID tag, but is micro-chipped.

Lehane has offered a role in his book to the person who helps them find their beloved Tessa. Get more details on Lehane’s Facebook page. He says no questions will be asked of whomever returns the dog.

Here’s hoping for a safe return!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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