Tuesday Top Ten: Things to Know About Dutchess, Therapy Dog Extraordinaire

Meet Dutchess! What a beautiful dog, and what a gentle spirit! Here’s what you need to know about her:

10. Dutchess works with kids who have autism.
9. She was born on January 28, 2003 and is a purebred Golden Retriever.
8. Dutchess has a book out, available on Amazon. You’ll see why when you get to the bottom of this list.
7. When Dutchess was 6-weeks old, she suffered a spider bite on the toe, which has caused her to keep that toe pulled up, giving her a 3-toed paw print.
6. Dutchess likes to listen to her autistic friends work on their speech goals.
5. Dutchess often lets her young friends pet her, brush her, and drink in her calming nature.
4. Dutchess likes to play fetch with a tennis ball.
3. Dutchess enjoys the dog sport of K-9 Nose Work. (That was a new one for me!) She recently passed her first odor recognition test and started competing in trials last fall.
2. Dutchess has her own Facebook page.
1. Are you impressed yet? Because there’s one more thing you need to know about Dutchess. She has achieved all of this despite being totally and completely blind.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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