Wigs for Dogs!

“Marley” Photo courtesy Wiggles Wigs for Dogs

This one just cracked me up, so I had to share! Have you heard of dog wigs?

Here’s what Wiggles Dog Wigs has to say about their products:

Wiggles is the brainchild of Ruth Regina, a master wig maker whose notoriety in her field spans half a century. The love of her art and her love of animals made an odd and unique coupling twenty years ago when her niece, Marlana, asked her to make a wig for her basset hound. One order turned into many, one interview turned into a series of high profile engagements and thus Wiggles Dog Wigs was born.

Wiggles takes the same level of quality found in her hair products for Ruth Regina’s two legged customers, for those on all fours. A true professional at custom wigs, Ruth designs and manufactures the wigs specifically for canines, keeping their comfort the primary concern.

Originally a sideline activity to Ruth Regina’s primary business, the volume of interest people have shown has extended the activity of Wiggles and the time she devotes to her canine friends. To all of our fellow dog lovers, we dedicate Wiggles to you. We hope you all enjoy our wears with a little humor and a lot of heart.

I can’t imagine any of my dogs keeping one of these on their heads even long enough for me to take a picture. Would yours?

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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