Mother and Child Reunion

Imagine driving across the desert in Arizona and being involved in a car accident so bad that both you and your dog are thrown through the windshield of your car. Then imagine you are airlifted to the nearest hospital, but no one can find your dog, who ran off in fear after the crash.

That’s what happened to Rose and her dog ILY (“I Love You”) Thanks to some dedicated friends, family members, and even strangers, the dog was found two months later and reunited with Rose in this touching video. Look at that tail go when they finally get ILY out of the cage and she tries to climb onto Rose’s lap!

Tissue alert!

Just a moment on my soapbox: I don’t know the circumstances of this crash, but PLEASE everybody, use seatbelts for both yourself and your dog when you travel!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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