Should Anglers Bring Dogs to Public Fishing Spots?

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Dogs are great hunting and fishing companions, and of course they can be quite useful as well. An avid fisherman understands the responsibility of having his animal with him and must be constantly aware of the dog and its actions. If you are considering taking your dog to your local fishing hole or out on the lake, there are few things you need to ask yourself:

Is Your Dog Well-Mannered?

Well-behaved dogs respond to commands quickly and remain quiet, unless they are alerting their owner to something. Not everyone wants to hear a barking dog while trying to enjoy some solitude. A well-mannered dog stays close to his owner and won’t chase, run off or jump without a command.

Are You Willing to Pick up After Them?
Well-mannered animals won’t run around pulling trash out of garbage cans, but they will have to obey the laws of nature and make an occasional deposit. Avid fishermen understand this and come equipped with everything they need to pick up after their dog.

How Does Your Animal Act in Stressful Situations?

Don’t take your dog to areas where they may experience high levels of stress, unless you know the animal can handle it.

Are You Training Your Dog?
If you are exposing a puppy or new dog to a different environment, be prepared to handle the situation properly. Consider purchasing a remote training collar to help you teach your pet proper behavior in public fishing areas. This type of device encourages good behavior and allows pets to learn without causing harm. The best way for an animal to learn positive behavior is for them to repeatedly experience the situation. Using these types of training devices allows this to occur without causing excessive stress and uncomfortable confrontations.

One thing to remember when you are fishing in public: If you see a dog with a vest that says “Service Animal,” the animal must be with its owner at all times. Whether you are for or against dogs in public fishing areas, this is a situation where there should be no question.

Unless there’s a “NO DOGS ALLOWED” sign posted, people will bring their dogs to the local fishing hole. If you want to bring yours, make sure all their shots are up-to-date, take responsibility for your animal and respect the other anglers, and everyone will have an enjoyable day.

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