Hey Mister: Go Get Your Dog

Re-posting on the off-chance that this is actually true – you never know!
On Feb. 13, a dog, identified by only his given number, A441782, was taken to the San Bernardino, Calif., city animal control.

The dog was brought in by the local police as a stray, but he has an owner, and right now, the public’s assistance is needed to help identify that man, and to help get him back to the facility to claim his dog.

The following was shared by a woman who was at the facility on Saturday. She offers insight on the situation:

I witnessed this man sitting at the kennel of his dog, weeping. He could not afford the fees to get him out.

The shelter has the dog listed a coming in as a stray, but I overheard the man saying the officer who brought his dog in, knew he belonged to him. I wished I could have helped him.

His dog did not understand why he had to be in that kennel, he was pacing for his owner to let him out.

Since the time that the woman was at the facility, she has raised the funds necessary for the man to reclaim his dog, but nobody knows how to let the man know.

Unfortunately, the man did not leave any contact information with the facility.

In an effort to track this man down, networkers are hoping that someone will recognize the man in the photo and be able to advise him that the fees to reclaim his dog have been taken care of – he just needs to go to the facility and make it happen.

Please take a moment to cross post this information and help make this reunion possible.

Note: The dog is available for his owner to pick up after 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

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Photo credit: Sanchez

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