Hero Pit Bull

How many stories do you ever read about Pit Bulls that have a happy ending? Check out this story from the Orlando Examiner.

A young woman named Angela had been playing with her two-year old son at a local park, and was getting ready to leave when they were approached by a man wielding a knife. Suddenly, a stray Pit Bull (you got that right – a stray who had never met Angela or her child) sprang into action, running at the man and baring his teeth.

The Pittie gave the man enough of a scare to chase him off, very likely saving the woman and child’s lives. They ran to their car, and the dog actually followed them and jumped into the backseat!

Angela says she will likely adopt the dog if no one comes forward to claim him.

What a great story!

Until next time,
Good day, and VERY good dog!

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3 thoughts on “Hero Pit Bull”

  1. By coincidence, I wrote the above comment moments before reading the Orlando news itself , to see that the brave pitbull was described exactly as I had, and that the mother of the boy actually intends to name him “Angel”. Amazing.

  2. I love this story!! People say so many awful things about pits that a story like this just warms your heart and proves that they are not all bad!!

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