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Detroit: City of Stray Dogs

Rolling Stone photo by Photograph by Wayne Lawrence / Wayne Lawrence/Institute
I just finished reading a rather disturbing story in Rolling Stone about the city of Detroit. This once proud city has fallen victim to the economy is a way perhaps no other city on earth has. Aside from the human toll, the bad economy has caused an epidemic of stray dogs numbering in the tens of thousands.
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Dogs on the Reservation

Rez dogSteven Sable has designed a photography exhibit called “The Rez Dog Biographies” to highlight the plight of desert strays.  What got Sable interested in the topic?  On a landscape photography trip in the desert Southwest, he stopped to take a picture of a deserted highway in Arizona.  Along came a stray to see him, and Sable, an animal lover, adopted the dog on sight.  Although the sheltie/corgie mix was only about 3 years old, her teeth looked like they belonged to a senior citizen.

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11-year old student reviews “A Dog’s Life: Autobiography of a Stray”

From NPR:  Fifth-graders at Isaac Dickson Elementary School in Asheville, NC wrote about the imaginary personalities they most admire.  They then recorded their stories at WCQS, the local public radio station.  One student, Mark Federman, chose the dog Squirrel from “A Dog’s Life” because he felt a special bond with the dog.

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