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Hank: Star of the Cactus League

Photo Rick Scuter / Associated Press
Photo Rick Scuter / Associated Press
If you follow pre-season baseball, you may have already heard about Hank, who is overshadowing this year’s players at the Milwaukee Brewer’s training camp. No, not the Hank Aaron who started his career in Milwaukee. This Hank is a stray dog who wandered into the team’s complex back in February looking a little worse for the wear.

Team employees took the Bichon Frise mix to the vet, where he was diagnosed as possibly having been hit by a car. After a bath, the dog was awarded jersey # 1 and taken in by the team. The club’s broadcaster Bob Uecker tweeted, “I’m second banana now.”

Team and staff members take turns giving Hank a place to sleep in the evenings, and if his owner doesn’t turn up, it’s likely the dog will make the final cut and go to Miller Park for the season.

Even the coaches are getting involved with the dog’s care. It’s being reported that coach Ed Sedar stood in the chow line to get Hank some scrambled eggs one morning.

No word on his curve ball, but he’s apparently quite the outfielder. According to pitcher Yovani Gallardo, Hank is “awesome, didn’t miss one groundball.”

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Detroit: City of Stray Dogs

Rolling Stone photo by Photograph by Wayne Lawrence / Wayne Lawrence/Institute
I just finished reading a rather disturbing story in Rolling Stone about the city of Detroit. This once proud city has fallen victim to the economy is a way perhaps no other city on earth has. Aside from the human toll, the bad economy has caused an epidemic of stray dogs numbering in the tens of thousands.
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