Saturday Survey: What do you do when you find a stray?

A friend of mine recently had to take a stray to the pound after she had him listed in the newspaper lost & found for a few days. No one picked him up, and she already has a houseful, so she had to take him in. What about you? How do you handle strays and / or drop-offs at your house?

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: What do you do when you find a stray?”

  1. There frequently is a rash of “stray” dogs when the local college lets out for the summer. (for “stray” read abandoned!). locals and the police pick these animals up and take them to Ely’s vet–they clean up the animal, check for shots and spay/neutering–do THAT where needed, then hold them for about three weeks. The local radio station, WELY, will advertise “lost” and “found” animals, then carry notices of adoptability when the vets advise.
    Very humane and kind, I think.

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