11-year old student reviews “A Dog’s Life: Autobiography of a Stray”

From NPR:  Fifth-graders at Isaac Dickson Elementary School in Asheville, NC wrote about the imaginary personalities they most admire.  They then recorded their stories at WCQS, the local public radio station.  One student, Mark Federman, chose the dog Squirrel from “A Dog’s Life” because he felt a special bond with the dog.

Mark was placed in foster care four years ago, and sees many similarities between his life and that of Squirrel’s, the stray from the book.  “We both have moved from house to house, family to family, and life to life in hopes of a family.  Squirrel and I have been separated from our big brother and mom.”

In the four years that Mark was in foster care, he moved NINE times.  (“That’s deplorable, by the way,” said the foster parent blogger.)  Mark says he always knew there was a family out there waiting for him.  “Reading about another creature’s struggle to find a good fit kind of made me feel happy because I’m not the only one.”

Cristina Skillin-Federman, one of the foster moms, gave Mark “A Dog’s Life” as a Christmas gift, not knowing much about the story, but liking the picture on the cover.  (Good for her!)

Fortunately, both stories have a happy ending.  The Federmans adopted Mark and his younger brother and are in the process of adopting the older brother, as well.  Mark writes, “Two months ago, I was adopted into a loving family, and at the end of the book a nice lady adopted Squirrel.”

Author Ann Martin is busy writing a new book, about what happened to Squirrel’s brother.


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