3rd Annual Hero Dog Awards – Law Enforcement / Arson Dog Lakota

Photo Courtesy Hero Dog Awards

Hosted by Joey Lawrence, the 2013 Hero Dog Awards are underway from Beverly Hills. He says in dog years, the show is 21, so the dogs are doing shots of toilet water now that they’re legal.

The first dog to be introduced is the Law Enforcement / Arson Dog category winner, Lakota. This dog is sponsored by State Farm and is partnered with the charity K9s4COPs.

After surviving a terrible car crash, Lakota endured many surgeries. The police department originally wanted to either put the dog down or retire him, making Lakota’s partner responsible for his care. After an outcry on social media, the department reversed their decision and paid for at least the first surgery.

Lakota’s partner’s wife says, “this dog saved my husband’s life many times.”

We’re so glad they have both recovered from their injuries.

Looking good, gentlemen!

Be back soon with the next contestant.

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