18-Week Old Puppy Saves Young Boy from Swarm of Bees

This is one family who is extra glad they brought a dog into their family. A few weeks after bringing Pinky home, Richie, a 9-year old who is allergic to bees, was outside playing with the dog when he was stung by a couple of bees. Problem is, the bees were part of a large swarm and could have caused a major problem for Richie.

But that’s where Pinky saved the day. Richie ran for the house, while Pinky took off in the other direction to divert the bees away from Richie.

Her heroism didn’t come without a price, as is so often true. Pinky was stung so many times she could have easily died, if Richie’s quick thinking Grandma hadn’t rushed her to the vet hospital. By the time she got there, her ears were so swollen, they stuck straight out from her head.

All’s well that ends well…both Richie and Pinky have made a full recovery!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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