Pit Bull Adopted by Senior Nuns

Three nuns walked into the dog shelter…

No, this isn’t the set up for a joke. In Nyack, NY, three senior citizen nuns were in the market for a dog, and they knew Hi Tor Animal Care Center just might have one that fit the bill.

Specifically, they were looking for a dog that no one else would want. “I wanted to bring a dog home that might get euthanized if we didn’t take her,” Sister Veronica Mendez said. “And when I noticed the sign said ‘9 years,’ I said, ‘Virginia, we want this one, because nobody else is going to want her.'”

The oddest thing about this story might be the fact that Remy, the dog they picked, is a Pit Bull, probably the misunderstood dog on the planet. The Sisters haven’t seemed to notice that Pit Bulls are supposed to be vicious. In fact, one of the nuns walks with a cane, and gentle Remy seems to have a special interest in taking care of her. Dogs always know, don’t they?

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Good day, and good dog!

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