Help Strengthen Mississippi’s Animal Cruelty Laws

Photo courtesy Pepperell Veterinary Hospital
Photo courtesy Pepperell Veterinary Hospital
From Gigi Carter on Mississippi sits at the bottom of the nation on most every topic, the Governor says he wants that to change. House Speaker Phillip Gunn asked on Facebook what do WE want to see accomplished in the Mississippi legislature this year, an overwhelming number of responses were stronger animal cruelty laws. We want to know if our elected officials are going to listen to the people and strengthen our weak dog and cat law. Please sign this petition to Speaker Phillip Gunn respectfully requesting he listen to the pleas from Mississippi constituents and take the necessary action to move a stronger animal cruelty bill through the legislature and onto Governor Bryant’s desk.

My guess is that your signature on this position will carry more weight if you live in the state of Mississippi, but I’m opening it up to anyone who wants to help out.

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