Iditarod Standings as of 3/9/14

shutterstock_179507117Today’s race standings:

In 1st place, leaving the checkpoint at Shaktoolik at 7:12 this morning: Aliy Zirkle.

The rest of the leader board is still in Shaktoolik, with arrival times this morning as noted below:

Jeff King: 4:46
Martin Buser: 5:27
Sonny Lindner: 5:53
Dallas Seavey: 7:07

Last year’s winner, Mitch Seavey left Unalakleet at 1:39 this morning and is headed for Shaktoolik.

Nicolas Petit, who was in the top five yesterday, has scratched. He had reported some problems with his sled way back at Nickolai on March 4th, but repaired it enough to make it to about 11 miles outside Unalakleet. According to blogger Joe Runyan, After having been pummeled on the trail, banged his knees, watched his $2000 sled trashed by an unmerciful trail, and leaped over tundra tussocks standing to his waist, Nicolas was in the mood for a focused 15 minute rant about the difficult and obstinate trail. He was quick to point out that the trail was good for DOGS, just not humans.

Petit scratched at 6:45 Saturday evening, saying that his team was fatigued and that he felt it was best that he call it a race and try again next year.

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