Military Helps Rescue Dogs from Frozen Lakes

From the world of dog news this week:

Dateline Lincoln, Nebraska: A woman sees her dog fall through the icy surface of a lake, so she goes out to help him out of the water. While she got the dog out, she unfortunately fell through the ice herself. A nearby pair of men from the Army Corps of Engineers was checking out a dam when they saw the woman splashing around in the freezing water.

They grabbed a rope and ran to help the woman, but they couldn’t get close enough to her to throw the rope to her. Luckily, the woman’s dog had not run off after she rescued him. He went to the closest engineer, who tucked the end of the rope under his collar. The dog then took one end of the rope to his mistress, who was then pulled out of the water by the engineers. Turn about is fair play, I suppose. Kudos to Army engineers Steve Dye and Ray Frana for the rescue!

In a totally unrelated incident in Detroit, a 13-year old dog was rescued from the icy surface of Lake St. Clair by the US Coast Guard cutter Bristol Bay. KC, a Boxer-Chow-Lab mix had been tied outside his St. Clair Shores home, broke his rope and ran away on February 24th. His family, Jodi Benchich and her father, put an ad on an Internet pet lost and found Facebook page known as For the Love of Louie.

It took about a week, but Ms. Benchich finally got the calls she was waiting for. When a friend saw the news of the Coast Guard rescuing KC, she called to say a dog that looked an awful lot like KC had been rescued from the lake and was taken to Wilson Veterinary Hospital, courtesy of A ReJoyceful Animal Rescue. She also received a call from the Coast Guard, telling her about the rescue.

It seems that their 140-foot ice-breaking tug was heading out to help another vessel that had become stuck in the ice when a lookout noticed what he thought was a group of foxes out on the lake, about 4-1/2 to 5 miles offshore. As they got closer, they saw that one animal was much larger than the others, so three of the petty officers put on their weather-resistant gear and took a stretcher out to rescue KC. When the boat came back into their Detroit port, they took the dog to the vet.

The dog’s his paws, lips and the inside of his ears were frostbitten, but he is expected to make a very nice recovery. Three cheers for the Coast Guard!

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Good day, and good dog!

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