The Droppi on Kickstarter

The good folks who invented The Droppi are asking for your help in getting their product to market.

This product allows you to surprise your dog during his long day home alone with a treat, lunch, or a toy. You simply put the item on the shelf of the Droppi, set the timer, and leave the house. The timer counts down, the shelf drops at the appointed time, and your dog can find whatever you left for him.

You can record a message of up to 10 seconds that plays when the item is released, and the device also acts as a nightlight if your pet is home alone overnight. Other similar products allow you to only drop kibble, but this one allows you to be more creative and provide things that won’t cause weight gain.

The device attaches to your wall with a magnetic bar, allowing you to move it around to different locations so the fun never gets old. To provide more excitement, you could buy a couple and set them for different times to occupy your dog throughout the day.

The Droppi is designed to keep your dog from tearing up your house out of boredom while he’s home alone. Combine it with a puzzle toy that holds treats inside, and you can provide hours of amusement. You can learn more on their Facebook page.

Back to how you can help: The Droppi team is not independently wealthy, and they are looking for donations to help them get the product manufactured. If you’re interested in helping out, go to their Kickstarter page and make a donation. Pledge $35 (Australian – about $30 US), and receive a free Droppi when they come off the assembly line.

An innovative design…and an innovative way to fund it.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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