California Vet Accused of Animal Cruelty

This one breaks my heart.

Dr. Anil Gowda, a vet at Lemon Grove Veterinary Hospital in San Diego, is accused of kicking a dog while holding her up by a rope.

When Saleena Gallaegos dropped off Roxy to have her stitches removed, she never expected to hear the dog scream. When she turned around, she saw the alleged abuse.

San Diego police have done an initial investigation and found enough suspicion to refer the case to the California Veterinary Board for a more in-depth look.

Meanwhile, the vet clinic is receiving threats of violence as people call for it to be closed and for the vet’s license to be revoked.

I’ll keep an eye open for new information on this one and let you know the outcome when it is published.

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Good day, and good dog!

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