Hawk: Calgary Police Therapy Dog

Huut, Hawk
Hawk, pictured here with his handler, Police Sgt. Brent Hutt, receives his badge on November 18, 2013. (Calgary Police Service Handout)

Wow! I wish the National Post from Calgary would have included a link to let me embed this whole video. I hope you’ll go to their site and watch it.

Here’s the gist of the story: Under reasonably new legislation, the city of Calgary has hired Hawk, a four-year old Labrador Retriever as a trauma dog. The dog is used to give confidence and comfort to those who must testify under especially stressful conditions.

In this instance, the witness is a young girl with Down Syndrome, testifying against her father in a sexual abuse case. Talk about stressful!

Thanks, Calgary for finding such a great way for Hawk to contribute.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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