Saturday Survey: Dogs rescued from puppy mills

I posted an amazing video earlier in the week about the fabulous work the ASPCA is doing to rehabilitate adult dogs rescued from puppy mills. It’s clear that the dogs can be rehabilitated; however, it’s also clear it takes a ton of patience and hard work to help the dog recover. Would you have that much love in your heart to take on one of these dogs?

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One thought on “Saturday Survey: Dogs rescued from puppy mills”

  1. I adopted an adult puppy mill dog over eight years ago. I was looking for an Emotional Support Dog because of my anxiety issues so my husband went to a local shelter we had just heard of, Tip of Tex K-9 Rescue. The sweet owner Dee walked me through and gave me a little info about the dogs, over a hundred of them. I did not connect with a single one and I was about to cry! Dee told me she had a small, female poodle in her garage because of the cold and of course I wanted to meet her. Didn’t feel a thing. Then I caught sight of a shaved down dog who was limping out of his crate and trailing blood. That was my Dino. Pure bred Miniature Poodle, Male, Breeder at a puppy mill, spent all his time, when not “working” in a small crate. Best. Decision. Ever.

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