Iditarod Update: 3/10/15 @ 9:40 AM, Alaska Time / New Map due to Lack of Snow

2015 mapAs I sit here at my desk, I can still see piles of snow in my back yard and around my driveway. But in Alaska, they have had so little snow that they actually had to move the race to a new course, pictured here. Up-to-the-minute results this morning are as follows:

In first place, Peter Kaiser was out of Manley Hot Springs at 07:58 this morning.
Shortly behind him, Mitch Seavey left Manley Hot Springs at 08:38
Jessie Royer followed in 3rd place, leaving Manley Hot Springs at 08:55
Ken Anderson left Manley Hot Springs at 9:13 this morning, and rounding out the top five was Martin Buser, who left the same checkpoint at 09:14.

Sixty miles to the next checkpoint at Tanana.

Check back for twice daily updates on the leader board.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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