The Purse for Iditarod 2015

Last post this year for the Last Great Race on Earth. Did you ever wonder why people want to subject themselves to harsh, dangerous conditions for 8 days every year? I’m sure many of them think it’s fun, and it’s prestigious to win, and it’s a challenge to be overcome…but if I were going to do it (like that’s going to happen…NOT), I’d do it for the money. Is that so wrong? Here’s the prize breakdown for this year’s race.

Winner’s purse: $70,000
2nd place: $58,600
3rd place: $53,900
4th place: $48,400
5th place: $44,300
Total for the top 30 racers: $700,100, with $25,000 apportioned between those who finished lower.

Of course, the racers’ expenses have to be taken out of whatever they win. This might include equipment, dog food, vet bills, wages for employees, etc, but I bet it still a pretty good feeling in your wallet.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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