2nd Mackey dog is 3rd dog to die during this Iditarod 2015

Sad news from the Idatirod trail. Dallas Mackey has lost a 2nd dog. A 3-year-old male named Stiffy died suddenly at about 5:15 p.m. Friday on the trail between Elim and White Mountain. Another 3-year-old Mackey dog, Wyatt, who died between Tanana and Ruby. Both dogs will be necropsied to determine the causes of death.

A third dog (not on the Mackey team) died in Anchorage when he got loose and was hit by a car.

Although deaths are not by any means rare during this race, they are not the norm. Race officials take great pains to provide veterinary care and mandatory vet exams of all dogs at check points throughout the course.

Watch this space for information on what caused these team Mackey deaths.

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