Saturday PM Update on Jethro

Family members visit with Jethro in his palatial kennel at the vet clinic Saturday evening (9 Jan 16)
Family members visit with Jethro in his palatial kennel at the vet clinic Saturday evening (9 Jan 16)
I went back to the Stark County Veterinary Emergency Clinic this evening to check on Jethro and his partner, Officer Ryan Davis. Ryan is wiped out – he’s been up for about 36 hours straight. His son was going to stay at the clinic with Jethro while Ryan’s wife takes him home, at least long enough for a shower, but I’m hoping he’ll also be able to get some sleep.

I was allowed to go into the back room to see Jethro briefly. It’s clear he’s still struggling, but I’m told he’s doing better with each passing hour. His left eye is starting to show normal responses to light, but his right eye still reflects the increased pressure inside his skull. He is by no means out of the woods, and is still heavily sedated. His breathing was labored, but he was resting, no doubt due to the heavy-duty medication.

He is in the Taj Mahal of kennels – all glass walls and very spacious! I was impressed. The clinic recently moved into their current space when they outgrew their last home, and it is a vast improvement. I haven’t needed their services for my own dogs since they moved, so it was good to get to see the facility.

Please keep praying, and don’t forget to contribute to the GoFundMe campaign if you possibly can.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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6 thoughts on “Saturday PM Update on Jethro”

  1. Much stiffer penalties are definitely needed. A criminal has to know that when they shoot at anything that represents law and order/law enforcement (Officer, K9 officer, Police building, police car), that they are going to through a significant portion of their lives away. The penalty of 2-6 or 3-8 years or whatever it is for this act is a travesty.

  2. Keep fighting Jethro. You and your human partner are in my prayers.
    I hope the dirtbag who is responsible, gets the harshest sentence
    that they can apply. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈβ€οΈπŸΊπŸΎ

  3. i am going to donate, but why does a police officer need donations? surely the police dept pays for their health cost? this . he risk his life everyday with his partner for us
    we are sending prayers for Jethro

  4. Thank you for letting people posted on Jethro the k9 dog.
    I work in healthcare. Had many residents that was in hospice care. Before they died some would talk to me. Would tell me they see there dog waiting for them. And look so happy.
    I got curious and Google near death experience pets in heaven.
    Was please to read many preachers even Billy Graham said we will see our pet in heaven. YouTube NDE pet heaven.
    Means Jethro will always be with his owner in life or death.
    ……Whoever shot the dog need to get a strong punishment.
    Jethro will always have love and happiness family. Through life and death. The man that done this I hope never have love happiness. And suffer here on earth if not repent If not let the trash deep fry in Hell

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