U-Pet Carriers

U-PetsHave you seen the innovative carriers designed and sold by U-Pet? They are primarily marketed for cats, but I think they would work equally well for small dogs. Now, as you know, my dogs are way too big for me to try one of these, so I can’t offer you a user review, but I think they look pretty neat.

The carriers come in a variety of styles, including a cross-body bag, a backpack, and a sport series (which looks like a duffel).

What’s innovative here is that you can choose how much of the outdoors you want to let into the carrier. You can put an opaque disk in and it looks like a normal carrier, or you can replace the disk with a screen or a bubble that looks kind of like an astronaut helmet.

Prices start at $129 for each style. The backpack style is pictured here.

Let me know if you try one. I’d love to know if they’re as fun for the pet as they look like they are!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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