K-9 Ogar Fatally Shot in Texas

From KETK, Abilene: A Smith County Sheriff Deputy performed what he thought would be an ordinary traffic stop this afternoon. Although the story is still developing and details are unclear, what we do know is that K-9 Ogar was shot and killed during the fracas.

Two people are in custody and a third ran into a wooded area, where a manhunt is currently underway.

Tragically, Ogar wasn’t safe even though he was wearing a protective vest. The vest had been donated to the county on Monday.

By my count, this is the third K-9 shot in the line of duty in the past two weeks. What is wrong with people?

Rest easy Ogar. Others will take the watch from here. Our sympathies to the handler and the Sheriff’s Office.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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