RIP Cooper




I had to say goodbye this morning to the best dog I’ve ever known. The vet is guessing, but thinks Cooper developed a tumor on his spleen, which then tore open one or more blood vessels. He lost more than half of his blood volume in 24 hours, to the point where it took three sticks just to find a vein to euthanize him. He was 11 and dearly loved.

I’m heartbroken, but know he is now in a better place with no pain, playing with his sisters we have lost in the past.

Rest in peace, good friend. I’ll be looking for you at the Rainbow Bridge.

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One thought on “RIP Cooper”

  1. I lost my beloved Beagle Baby Dakota 6 months ago. Her loss devastated me. I can offer no words of real comfort, except to say that you have my deepest sympathies and empathy. They leave their paw prints on our hearts. My prayers are with you.

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