Puppy Mill Maps from Bailing Out Benji

USDA MapI just found this really cool site combating puppy mills through education, rather than through graphic photos. Bailing Out Benji shows you, state-by-state, where there are puppy mills and puppy brokers, and gives an estimate of how many adult dogs are being held. It also gives you the option of printing out flyers to post, asking people to adopt rather than buying dogs in pet stores, so as not to support these mills.

Their website gives you a little information about who Bailing Out Benji is:We are a small, non-profit organization that is dedicated to changing the world for our companion animals by educating and raising social consciousness about various animal welfare issues- specifically puppy mills. We work tirelessly to educate about the puppy mill problem across the United States. We have teams in Iowa , Texas, Nebraska and Pennsylvania who are ready and able to come to an event near you to educate about puppy mills!

Puppy Mill Map
Unfortunately, rural Ohio, very close to where I live, is overrun with puppy mills. Education is the first step to eliminating them.

Please take a look at Bailing Out Benji and consider printing out some flyers to post in your area.


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