Nashville Man Kills Dog in Trash Compactor

From The Tenneseean: A Nashville man is in jail after putting his mother’s Shih Tzu into a trash compactor and pushing the button four times to try to squish the poor animal.

A resident of the apartment complex where the trash compactor was located heard the animal crying inside the dumpster and called the fire department to rescue it. (Sorry – I don’t know the dog’s name or if it was male or female. I hate calling it “it”, but don’t have enough info to fix that.) Security footage shows the man pulling up to the compactor, taking the dog from his car and placing into a plastic bag, then into the compactor.

Although the dog was taken to a vet, it died four days later. I’d have to imagine that was four agonizing days.

The man, jailed on animal cruelty charges, is being held on $65,000 bond. No motive has been released for the crime. I’d guess, oh, maybe he was nutso? Such a waste. Such a shame.

As usual after I post something horrific, I promise I’ll post something happier later today.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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One thought on “Nashville Man Kills Dog in Trash Compactor”

  1. Another lesson. That we really got to watch the sickos out there.Don’t think nah they wouldn’t do this is that to an animal, they. Will keep your eye on these m. Fckrs and report them. But. God. Has a plan for them hopefully hell just dump um in hell. But 1 day it’ll be an eye for an eye so we through the guy in a human disposer. And push the button 4 times. I must commendthe judge for the $65,000 bail there was a time
    When bail was 1000.

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