Yes, Narcan does work for dogs

Narcan, the nasal spray that blocks opioid receptors in the brain and revives overdose victims, has become somewhat controversial as people question giving addicts several chances at escaping death when they refuse to get help with their recovery. Some municipalities are requiring those who are given the life-saving drug to perform community service in payment for the dose they receive from first responders.

Fortunately, the sheriff department in York County, Maine, didn’t give it a second thought when Addie, a mere dog, accidentally overdosed after fishing some oxycontin out of a purse in her home.
From WMTW , Portland, Maine’s ABC affiliate: A family member of Addie’s had some gummy worms in her purse, which originally attracted the dog. However, as they were cleaning up the mess, they noticed a bottle of legally prescribed painkillers had been knocked open during Addie’s fishing expedition. They counted the pills and noticed at least one was missing.

When Addie began acting lethargic, they loaded her into the car for a ride to the emergency vet, which was some distance away. Fortunately, they soon ran into a deputy who was carrying Narcan in his cruiser and was willing to give it a try with Addie. She came around quickly and is apparently none the worse for wear.

The morals of the story:
1. Keep all medications out of reach of your dog.
2. If your dog does get into something, react quickly and decisively, but don’t panic.
3. If a life-saving treatment is available, use it, and worry about the costs later.

Best wishes to Addie and her family as she recovers from this scary incident.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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