Chewy Comes Through for Katy P

Chewy for Katy PIf you’ve been a long-time blog follower, you may remember my singing the praises of Not only are they always a little cheaper for items I buy all the time (like hundreds of dollars worth of food for my animals every month), they are also very caring. You may have seen the donations they give to the shelter organizations featured on Animal Planet, like Planned Pethood Plus (Dr. Jeff).

The flowers shown here were sent to the Humane Society of Richland County (Ohio), which is caring for a cat named Katy P.

The cat’s story has gone somewhat viral after she was the victim of a firecracker some idiot set off inside her rectum. Someone at apparently heard of Katy P. and sent her these get well wishes. How many companies do you know of that would have gone to the trouble for someone they didn’t even know?

I am a customer for life, and I hope you will become one! (And my boss would want me to say that and have no affiliation with

The reward for information leading to the conviction of whoever injured Katy P is now up to $7,000.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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