Fitness Tracker for Your Dog

dog treadmillNow that I work from home, I can see that my dog, Penny, spends most of her days sleeping on the couch. Of course, she’s 12 years old, so that’s probably pretty typical. If you have a younger dog and want to get a good idea of how much exercise he or she is getting, a fitness tracker may be just the ticket.

Pet products are a big industry, with Americans spending in excess $72 billion dollars on gadgets, as well as the basics like food, vet care, and toys.

An entrepreneur in Prague, Czech Republic recently invented the Actijoy fitness tracker for dogs after he noticed his dog was thoroughly exhausted after their 5 km runs. He came to realize it was the only exercise the dog was getting each day, and it was simply too much at once.

Said entrepreneur, Robert Hasek, found investors and started selling Actijoy as a means for dog lovers to see how active their dogs are when they (the people) are not around.

The device can interface with your own fitness tracker, and has an available interactive dish that also lets you monitor your dog’s food and water intake.

My question: how will this motivate me to walk the dog more often?

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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