Wagging the Dog’s Tail

shutterstock_145265563Have you checked out doggies.com’s new Facebook page yet? If you had, you would have found this interesting story from LiveScience, where they tell you what your dog’s tail posture means.

Almost everyone knows that a tail held between the legs means the dog is scared or distressed, but did you know:

A tail held higher than usual means the dog is aroused.
A tail held out vertically means aggression.
A wagging tail means excitement – the faster the wag, the more excitement.

The article also notes that it’s important to know what your dog’s “normal” tail posture is in order to judge when a change has occurred. This is pretty breed-specific. Many breeds, such as Pugs, carry their tails curled above the back. Other breeds, like Greyhounds, carry their tails hanging down, slightly between the legs.

Lastly, the article points out that tails wagging to the right indicates positive emotions, while wagging to the left indicates avoidance or negative emotions. I can’t say I’ve ever noticed wagging that wasn’t symmetrical, so I’m not exactly sure what this means. Any of you have an idea?

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