If you’re a tweeter, you might already be familiar with the handle @DogRates, the page that has you submit pictures of your dog and the owner of the page rates your dog. Most get ratings of 13/10 (13 out of ten) or something similar because all dogs are good dogs.

Now, from the same people who brought you @DogRates, we have @DogFeelings, which purports to tell us about Thoughts of Dog.

Here are a few of their recent gems, to which most of us can relate.

Jan 21
i just learned. i’ve been nominated for an award. this is incredibly flattering. word must’ve gotten out that i caught my tail

Dec 31, 2019
the best thing i did. this entire decade. was love you

Dec 25, 2019
gooooob morning. i’m being told. someone came down the chimney last night. this is preposterous. i would’ve lost my mind

Dec 24, 2019
my stuffed fren sebastian and i. have decided to go caroling. we know this involves singing well. and spreading joy. we are confident we can do one of those things

Good for a chuckle or two!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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