Breed Winners as of 5:00 pm: Herding Group (FINAL)

Changes since the last update are shown in blue.

Australian Cattle Dogs GCHG CH Shalimar & Oakwood Message In A Bottle Renegade
Australian Shepherds GCHS CH Empyrean Copperridge Paint By Numbers
Bearded Collies GCHG CH Scott’s Lady Liberty
Beaucerons GCHB CH Jaguar Noir Des Monts Du Lac
Belgian Malinois GCHS CH Goliath Du Domaine De Vauroux
Belgian Sheepdogs GCH CH Celebre Javert
Belgian Tervuren CH Mnm’s Soleila Du Belgiador
Bergamasco Sheepdog GCHS CH Alp Angels Faggia Dell’Albera FDC CGC
Berger Picards GCHB CH Eclipse Focus of Bon-Clyde CGC TKN
Border Collies GCH CH Sporting Fields Aeirs Above FDC CGC TKN ATT
Bouviers des Flandres GCH CH Quiche’s Phoenix Rising
Briards GCHB CH Legion of Boom De Bejaune
Canaan Dogs GCHG CH Pleasant Hill Avram of Carters Creek CA
Cardigan Welsh Corgis GCHG CH Pawcific I Walk With The King PT CAA BCAT CGC TKN
Collies (Rough) GCH CH Kiriko’s Rock Star
Collies (Smooth) GCHS CH Creekwood Lochlomun I’Ll Be D’amned
Entlebucher Mountain Dogs CH Liberty Run’s Just A Master of Deduction FDC
Finnish Lapphunds GCH CH Sugarok Field of Gold
German Shepherd Dogs GCHP CH Marquis’ Hermes V Kenlyn
Icelandic Sheepdogs GCHB CH Tri-Star Hroi Hottur Roy FDC NAP
Miniature American Shepherds GCHP CH Abingtons Way Out West
Norwegian Buhunds GCHS CH Tsarshadows Ragnar Lodbrok
Old English Sheepdogs GCHG CH Bagatelle Moonlight Drive
Pembroke Welsh Corgis GCH CH Coventry A Million Reasons
Polish Lowland Sheepdogs GCHS CH Snowhill’s Zygmund Marley CDX RAE CGCA CGCU TKA
Pulik GCH CH Fuzzy Farm All Things Considered
Pumik GCHS CH Italianstyle Casper
Pyrenean Shepherds GCHS CH Isaby De Terra-Blue
Shetland Sheepdogs GCHP CH Syringa – Akadia The Corsair
Spanish Water Dogs GCHS CH Emanuell Wavelet
Swedish Vallhunds GCHS  CH Foxberry Saber

The Herding Group is complete, so no more updates tonight.  Group judging will be Monday evening, probably after 10 pm.

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