Shelter Sunday: Cookie / Paw Squad 559 / Clovis, CA

Cookie CA

Meet Cookie! This Border Collie Lab mix is cute as can be. Here’s what her rescuers have to say about her.

Cookie is as sweet as her name! Cookie is a 2 month old Border Collie Lab mix. She is full of energy and incredibly intelligent! Cookie is working on her potty training, and is crate trained. Cookie loves other dogs, big and small. She is also good with cats. Cookie is very mouthy so a home with older children is ideal. Cookie is NOT an apartment dog. Cookie needs an active home who is looking for an adventure buddy. She is in need of a large yard, or acres to run on. Cookie is the best of both worlds. Wild and playful, but cuddly and sweet. A breed experienced home is preferred.

Cookie is currently living at Paw Squad 559 in Clovis, California. If you’re lucky enough to be near Clovis, why not contact them to find out more about Cookie and all of her friends. Here’s their adoption application. They recommend an email to [email protected] after submission to make sure the application has been received and to tell them why you think Cookie would be a good fit in your home.

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