Basil, the Funeral Therapy Dog

Photo:  Clive Pugh Funeral Home
Photo: Clive Pugh Funeral Home

What a great idea! Basil, the handsome Beagle pictured here, assists people while planning their loved ones’ funerals and mourning their losses.

Basil works at the Clive Pugh Funeral Home in Shrewsbury, UK.

I’m wondering if there are other funeral homes who have therapy dogs? Seems like an idea who’s time has come.

From the Clive Pugh Twitter page:

Basil the #Beagle our #Funeral Therapy Dog, will be resuming his role following the lifting of restrictions by visiting a family at home tomorrow on their request for him to be with them when they make arrangements for their loved one’s funeral. “Turning sadness into smiles”.

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