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Lost Dog Awareness Day

April 23rd is the day we draw attention to the plight of lost dogs and celebrate reunions. According to Lost Dogs of America, The tenacious efforts of the combined states’ volunteers efforts, along with over 600,000 fans have helped reunite over 125,000 dogs with their families since 2011. Getting lost dogs back home reduces stress on owners’, staff at shelters/animal control facilities, other dogs in the facilities, and ultimately saves taxpayers’ money. It also opens up kennel space for truly homeless dogs. Continue reading Lost Dog Awareness Day

National Puppy Day

Photo by Philley
Photo by Philley

Happy National Puppy Day! My dogs are no longer puppies (sadly), but I do enjoy sharing their pictures. Here are Rosie the Vizsla and Checkers the Coonhound.

(Please know that I did make my bed, but then Checkers happened.)

Drop us a picture of your puppy in the comments!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

Celebrating National Love Your Pet Day

Rosie and Checkers:  what do you mean this isn't our bed? Photo by Philley
Rosie and Checkers: what do you mean this isn’t our bed?
Photo by Philley

The good folks at Tractive GPS have compiled a list of the top five ways to celebrate today, which is National Love Your Pet Day. The highlights:

Praise them.
Spend quality time together.
Upgrade their toys and safety gear.
Treat them to new healthy foods.
Use your imagination to do their favorite things.

You can read the whole article here.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!